Saturday, December 3, 2022

Let’s Talk About Rihanna Trolling Kevin Durant At The NBA Finals

For as much hype and anticipation precipitated Game 1 of the NBA Finals, the basketball contest itself quickly slipped into snoozefest territory. Golden State thumped Cleveland 113-91, demonstrably affirming the Warriors’ elite status in the sport.

No matter what stats nerds will argue, execution and efficiency ratings aren’t that thrilling. Millions didn’t tune in to watch whatever everyone predicted would happen. We follow sports because truly anything can happen.

Like Rihanna punking Kevin Durant’s lanky ass.

RiRi, a noted LeBron James fan, first reminded us how no matter the stage, she will always play by her own rules. Nine minutes into the game starting, she strolled to her courtside seats, throwing commentator Jeff Van Gundy into a hot mess. This was as LeBron slammed down an entirely disrespectful dunk on Warriors center Javale McGee, welcoming him to the Finals stage.

Van Gundy didn’t care. Because Rihanna.

The real joy began when Rihanna openly trolled Durant throughout the game. She yelled “BRICK!” as he attempted free throws. Even as the Cavs trailed by 22 points in the fourth quarter, Rihanna rose to pay her respects to LeBron by bowing. When agitated Golden State fans heckled her, Rih dabbed in their faces.

Rihanna doesn’t care about the score of the game because to her, life is a game, and have you checked the scoreboard?

You can imagine this pissed off Durant. This is a player who waited years for his return to the NBA Finals, willing to sign away his soul to those Silicon Valley nerds, and silenced his critics with a stupendous performance.

But he couldn’t silence Rihanna. Because she isn’t a critic. She is a queen, who does whatever the fuck she wants. Trust me, I’ve seen the “Bitch Better Have My Money” music video.

The above caption to that video is 100 percent false. KD cares. He really, really cares. You don’t stare down anyone after knocking down a three unless you care about that person. Throughout the night Durant kept catching eyes with Rihanna, though he refused to acknowledge her after the game.

Smooth move, Durant. He’s probably seen the “BBHMM” video, too. That would explain why he won’t come sideways at Rihanna.

In case you wondered, Rihanna didn’t flinch over Golden State and Durant’s dominance against LeBron and the Cavs. As she exited the arena, her trash-talking never stopped. Whatever Golden State fan shouted Rihanna’s way earned this response: “It doesn’t matter bitch, the king is still the king.”

Now is a good time to remind everyone to always delete their tweets. Because you don’t want to leave evidence like this for the internet to roast you with.

Please Lord allow Rihanna to sit courtside every game. We need this.



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