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The UK Just Opened Their First Sex Doll Brothel

The UK recently opened their own sex doll brothel, owned by Lovedoll UK, one of the biggest suppliers of sex dolls in the world. The idea behind this brothel is a good one, giving folks the opportunity to try out the sex dolls before purchasing one a whole lot of cash.

This sex doll brothel follows the footsteps of other ones that opened last year in Spain and Germany, which have proved to be very successful. In these brothels, owners pride themselves on the willingness of their dolls, and the fact that they’re uncomplicated, which sounds really rapey and dumb, because the dolls are made out of plastic. They’re obviously uncomplicated.

The UK brothel allows you to use the doll of your choice for a fee of 100 pounds, which includes access to a private room for an hour, where you’ll have access to a bed, lube and condoms (the romance is all on you). If after the paid hour, the client is still taken with the doll, they have the option of purchasing it and taking it home.

According to LADBible, the owner of the establishment, cryptically known as Graham, believes that other brothels are scared of sex dolls and the risk they pose to their business.

Maybe they just don’t think that it’s viable, or that it would put real-life escorts out of business. If I found somewhere that was open enough to consider it then I would think about selling them a couple of my dolls. Seventy percent of guys aren’t bothered that the dolls have been used before.

Graham also claims the dolls can be modified into whatever you want them to be, and that men aren’t the only ones who are interested in them. He says wives and girlfriends are also into the dolls, especially if they want to spice up their sex lives or keep their men from cheating on them. Misogyny 1, Women 0.

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