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Meghan Markle Backlash Begins With A New Biography

Meghan Markle’s engagement has been more or less uneventful and surrounded by positive media. And even when you factor in estranged family members, nothing malicious ever surfaced…until now. Journalist Andrew Morton, who’s published several unauthorized biographies, is coming out with a biography on Markle, detailing her relationship with her ex-husband, her rise to fame, and her desire to become “Diana 2.0.”

Morton has written a lot of books that expose artists and celebrities, such as Diana: Her True Story, Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography, and Monica’s Story, which delved into Monica Lewinsky’s scandal. His books have all caused controversy, with critics claiming that the facts weren’t accurate and that, well, they sucked.

Morton’s new book, Meghan: A Hollywood Princess, announces from the get-go that this isn’t a kind reading of Markle. Excerpts reveal details of Markle’s life, exploring her first marriage to producer Trevor Egelson and the reason behind their divorce. Morton explains that Egelson was a film producer and that he helped Markle acquire her first major film role. After she acquired some fame, Markle ended the marriage abruptly, mailing Egelson her engagement and wedding ring by post.

The Daily Mail reports that Hollywood Princess also explores Markle’s obsession with Princess Diana, claiming that Markle was “always fascinated by the Royal family,” and that she suffered greatly during Diana’s death. As if Princess Diana’s death wasn’t one of the most scarring things the 90’s ever saw.

Other Markle facts include her ditching her old friends once she achieved fame, her love of maintaining friendships with people who help her develop her career, and that she’s a “networker to her finger-tips”. Well, that’s just poor grammar.


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