Friday, May 29, 2020
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Apple Finally Fixes iPhone Slowdowns

Remember that one Apple scandal (yes, there are many of them) where the company admitted that they’d been slowing down older versions of the iPhone as a way of making the device’s battery last longer? Yeah, those days are almost over.

According to The Spec, Apple recently released their latest iOS for iPhones and iPads, which includes an in-depth look into the batteries of your devices, allowing you to manipulate its settings, check your phone’s health, and give you the option to turn off Apple’s default battery setting, which makes your phone very slow. These new settings will only be available on the iPhone 6 and 7.

Back in January, Apple apologized for setting the slowdown of the device as a default, with CEO Tim Cook explaining that the reason behind this was to get better performance out of the phones and not to make more money by selling devices.

Even though the scandal was blown out of proportion, in the end, it was kind of worth it. It’s nice to see Apple reflecting on their mistakes and offering viable solutions for their loyal fanbase.

In the meantime, if your phone still needs a battery replacement, you can take advantage of Apple’s time sensitive offer of switching out your device’s battery for $29. Do it fast, though — there are long lines for this service and the offer ends in January 2019, where you’ll have to pay the standard $79 for a new battery.


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