Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Which Royals Have Secret Social Media Accounts?

Secret social media accounts are nothing new. How are famous people supposed to enjoy the full experience of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook when they don’t have any privacy?

According to The Cut, there are several social media-loving members of the royal family who lhave secret accounts that are pretty active.

The Queen

Queen Elizabeth Binoculars GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Even though the Queen has a public Instagram account (@TheRoyalFamily), there are rumors that she has a private Facebook account that’s Britain’s best kept secret. The British tabloids also say that she’s well versed on the internet, has an iPad, a laptop and loves to text.

Kate Middleton

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Kate is also active on the web, joining the British website Mumsnet,  where moms share parenting tips online. According to these rumors, she’s been active on the site ever since her second child, Charlotte, was born.

Prince Harry

The Prince has always been the most modern out of all the royals, and he’s the only one with a confirmed Facebook page, which was cancelled a couple of years ago after a scandal in Vegas, but it still counts.

Prince Harry used the name of Spike Wells for his active Facebook page, which he reportedly had for years. According to The Sun, Harry used to have a private Instagram account during the time when he was first dating Meghan Markle. It’s unclear if that account still exists.

Meghan Markle

Rachel Zane Omg GIF by Suits - Find & Share on GIPHY

Markle famously eliminated all of her social media accounts when she got engaged to the Prince, and it’s too soon for her to create her own alternate account. Maybe she’ll create a private one in the future, after the paparazzi stop hounding her over her marriage.



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