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Puppies And Weed: Here’s Why Patrick Stewart Is Our Favorite Person Ever

Aside from being the man behind so many of our favorite characters — Professor X, Captain Picard, and next up, the Poop Emoji — Patrick Stewart is also a true treasure of a human.

He recently made public that he’s a regular user of medical marijuana, as we previously reported, using a cannabis spray to treat pain his hands. Before that, he was winning our hearts with charming anecdotes about his foreskin.

Now he’s blowing our minds on a whole new level. Meet Ginger, a pit bull Stewart is foster-caring for until the pups finds a new home. Or at least until Stewart falls so head over heels with this dog that he adopts her, himself.

He wrote on his first video of welcoming Ginger home one week ago: “Thanks to @ASPCA and @WagsandWalks, @madameozell and I are finally fostering our 1st pitbull! Meet Ginger. I’m in LOVE. #AdoptDontShop”

Since then, it’s been a non-stop lovefest. Watching these two together, you can really feel the chemistry:


Will he have the heart to hand this love machine over to a new owner someday? Or will Beef Stew and Ginger stay together forever? Only time and a ton more amazing social media posts of the two will tell.

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