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Meme Of The Week: SpongeBob Makes For The Most Relatable Cartoon Ever

SpongeBob is the king of internet memes, but this latest addition is particularly strange and delightful.

The gist of the meme is taking a screenshot of SpongeBob wearing an awkward outfit and tinkering with it so it can be used in multiple situations, like transforming SpongeBob into an emo tween listening to My Chemical Romance or making the character sport a Lana Del Rey wig. It’s all very niche.

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The original screenshot is taken from an old episode of the series, where SpongeBob and Patrick are dressed up as a damsel in distress and a robber respectively. SpongeBob’s make-up and awkward facial expression make for something weird and funny, which is why I guess the meme has been embraced so widely. There are mentions of the Catholic Church, an appearance from Villanelle from “Killing Eve” and a few specific references to “Game of Thrones” characters. The meme as a whole doesn’t make a lot of sense but it still works. Here are some of our favorites:

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