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23 Easy Ways To Make Your Breakfast More Instagramable

It doesn't take much. Here are some easy tricks.

Photo by Mariya Stohnut

Breakfast used to be as simple as pouring some milk over some mono-colored cereal or slicing a banana atop of your Wheaties and calling it a day. Now, instead of grabbing a quick bite and heading out the door, you have to think about its level of attractiveness. Everyone is watching, or at least it seems. Instagram will have you thinking that while you’re sucking down your expired Yoplait, someone else is out there staging a damn photo shoot in their loft apartment with floor-to-ceiling windows, flooding light into their bowls and onto their toast, creating an etherial morning meal. Here are some healthy ingredients you can toss into your bowl (or on your plate) to beautify your food.

1. Groats

Groats are the hulled part of a cereal grain that retains the healthy germ and bran. The chewy texture is perfect for hot cereals or pancakes.

2. Fresh Figs

3. Chia Seeds

4. Nut Butter

5. Acai

This superfood will turn any smoothie or smoothie bowl a vibrant purple. Frozen packets of the stuff can be found in most grocery stores, including Trader Joe’s.

6. Coconut Flakes

This tropical acai bowl is giving me life ? . . . . #eatclean #plantbased #acaibowl #breakfast

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7. Pumpkin Seeds

8. Chopped Nuts

9. Raspberries

Cook them with your oatmeal to turn it pink.

10. Berries Of Any Kind

Fresh fruit tastes great on hot cereals, but even better on cold breakfasts, like banana nice cream (blended frozen bananas), smoothie bowls or yogurt. Frozen berries, especially blueberries, are great for hot cereals. Plus, they’re an excellent way to cool them down.

11. Sliced Bananas

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13. Passion Fruit

Scooping out the innards of this tropical fruit gives any breakfast a pop of yellow, plus it tastes amazing, especially in smoothie bowls or atop nice cream (blended frozen bananas).

13. Dragon Fruit

It tastes like a kiwi-pear hybrid, and the black-dotted white pulp is crazy photogenic.

Ami of @the_sunkissed_kitchen created a magical pink bowlful of pitaya and lilly pilly berries mingled with ethereal flowers and fronds. We believe this to be superfoods for fairies. . . And have you even heard of lilly pilly berries? From pink dragonfruit (pitaya) smoothie bowls, dreamy creamy pink pannacotta and pretty pink nice cream cupcakes, to savory dishes made bright pink with beet root and purple-pink cabbage. We thought we’d give you a blush of inspiration to eat and drink all things pink. Link to article "Eat + Drink: Pink" in bio or go to: listdujour.com . . Featuring: @the_sunkissed_kitchen @simpleplantbasedlife @frei_style @healthyeating_jo @talinegabriel @earthyandy @oatmeal_stories @rainbowsforbreakfast_ #pinkfood #plantbased #plantbasedfood #vegan #smoothiebowl #veganfood #instafood #vegansofig #veganrecipes #listdujourmag #listdujour

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14. Dark Chocolate Shavings

15. Cacao Nibs

16. Granola

17. Pomegranate Seeds

Whether sprinkled on top of oatmeal, cold cereal, a smoothie bowl, pancakes or peanut butter toast, these seeds are the perfect addition to your morning meal.

18. Rawnola

In a food processor, blend together some pitted medjool dates, oatmeal and coconut flakes. Eat by itself or sprinkled on your cereal.

19. Date Syrup

Date syrup, hazelnuts and banana ❤ #porridge #groats #groatsedinburgh

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20. Mulberries

21. Goji Berries

22. Edible Flowers

23. Peas

A vibrant green smoothie bowl made with frozen peas (or fresh spinach leaves) is the perfect backdrop for fruit.

Klara of @klaraslife has made so many beautiful breakfast bowls, it was tough to choose just one to feature here. But this green smoothie bowl caught our eye and filled our hearts up with so much green goodness. We took note of her ingredients and tried it out in a blender. Yup, pretty darn delicious! Ingredients: 2 bananas 1/2 cup frozen peas 1 cup frozen pineapple 1 tbsp wheatgrass powder 1 cup coconut milk 1 tsp vanilla 1 kiwi grapes (a small handful) Toppings: frozen raspberries coconut flakes crunchy flax seeds coconut yogurt hearts ? ? #listdujourmag #plantbased #rawvegan #greensmoothie #smoothiebowl #vegan #berries #vegancommunity #veganrecipes #breakfast #eattherainbow #eatrealfood #healthychoices #instadaily #smoothies #greensmoothiebowl

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