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3 Fashionable And Functional Purses For Pot Princesses

Most people use a bag to carry their items around, but for cannabis people, they are not always a good fit. If you like a high quality and high design purse, it may not have your high habits at heart. Today’s bags are more often engineered for either fashion or function, but not always both. Many cannabis users still exist in a state of illegality, so some degree of discretion is a common precaution that must be taken.

As things legalize, normalize, and make space for creativity, handbags designed with the cannabis user in mind are appearing more frequently, and delightful to behold. More than covering up scents, cannabis users require certain items at their disposal that makes rummaging around in a canvas tote for loose papers and a lighter just not ideal.

Handbags are incredibly personal, and whether someone carries one to the office, for travelling, or at all times, carting around your stuff, cannabis or not, should be designed in the style you love with functions you need.

We checked out some Annabis scent proof bags, as cute as they are secretive, and this is what you get out of a premium purse with pot proofing.

Photos by Maria Penaloza

The Chelsea in Tan Snake $295.00


This is where cannabis specific handbags really shine. Between smell blocking powers and special pockets, these types of purses put design into more than the aesthetic. Annabis bags are sealed up tight with a layer of resin film, a material inside the lining that prevent trans-fabric wafting.

A major hit is the pockets. Slim center zips with extra sealed secondary zipper are the best place to put the nugs— this leaves you with six layers of protection in between the air inside your bag and the atmosphere.

Shape is another notable functionality of these Annabis bags, models like Lady G have plenty of space for your normal stuff, as well as sealed zipper compartments so you can isolate your stash completely. Others like the RiRi have tweaks like elastic bands and pockets that are sized right for smaller paraphernalia like vape carts, Cheeba chews, and rolling tips.

Photos by Maria Penaloza

RiRi in Red Lizard $95


Probably the best part, this wave of handbags invokes fashion as a primary concern rather than an afterthought.  On-trend snakeskin colorways give texture and interest to the different models. Annabis uses fun prints to give you what you expect from a fashionable handbag. Metallics, solids, and animal prints are not only popular again now, they’re excellent for storing after a season for future use, these themes come back into favor with great regularity.

Shapes are more personal than the outside color, everyone has a different preference. Some people like rounded bags, others like a square gusset (the part of a bag where the sides and bottom meet), but you don’t have to choose anymore, now that brands like Annabis are making full lines encompassing all of the top shapes. If you’re a classic bucket lover, there’s Chelsea. If you like a modern structure with bold hardware, Kirsten ticks that box.

Photos by Maria Penaloza

Lady G $245 and Kirsten $225

Thanks to the few and the brave looking to bring style focused gear bags to the cannabis using masses, you can have the three elements of a great bag plus the added function of scent proofing, the sky is the limit.

Photos: Maria Penaloza


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