Wednesday, March 22, 2023

5 Apps To Help You Break Up With Facebook

Are you ready to say goodbye to Facebook but don’t want to drop all the awesome apps and services that it offers? Do you even know how many apps and companies Facebook owns?

While Facebook has faced a tough year in terms of publicity, apps such as WhatsApp and Instagram — both owned by Facebook — have not suffered because both brands, fortunately, have enough recognition and strength to stand on their own. While you won’t find an app that rivals Facebook in terms of scope, there are dozens of apps that provide cool services and unite people with similar interests.

Popular Science compiled a list of some apps that can help you replace the Facebook-sized hole in your life. Check out five of our favorites:


30 Rock No GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

This app is great for artists and creative people, creating a profile for you based on your interests and the type of content you want to watch, be that  photography, writing, painting, and more. The app also allows you to follow artists, post or repost art, and connect with others.


This app is the ultimate social media site for moms, allowing users to provide support for each other, discuss stories, receive some advice, or facilitate meet-ups. Peanut is very similar to Tinder, pairing you up with people who live in your area, swiping left or right if you want to connect with them.


Wanelo is a social media site for shopping, offering the best deals on all sorts of products. You can follow shoppers, create lists, swap bargains, and more. Wanelo asks for your personal information in order to provide a curated profile for you, making for a fun experience. This app is another interesting experiment, combining shopping with a social media platform which may result in something really unique.


Vero is like the poor man’s version of Instagram: a photograph based social media site that although still in development holds a lot of potential for growth and development. The three-year-old app with a strictly chronological feed allows you to upload images and videos, but also allows you to post recommendations of books, movies, and music, while allowing you to filter who gets to see what posts. It’s a bit of a strange experiment, but it plans on growing and charging a fee for users once it gets up and running. If any of this interests you, sign up as soon as possible and skip out on the coming fees.


By far the biggest app on this list, Tumblr has over 365 million devoted users who think that the site is better than all the rest. Tumblr is an amazing place for fandoms and for people who have distinct interests and passions. Part time blog and part time social media site, your Tumblr profile allows you to upload photos, videos, text posts, audio files, and more. It’s also fun and addictive, providing a practically endless loop of content from all sorts of sources.



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