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5 Important Questions To Ask When You First Start Dating Someone

Getting to know someone takes time and effort. Putting yourself out there and being vulnerable with strangers and potential romantic partners is not easy, but it’s the only way to make meaningful connections.

Since dating is a stressful topic for many, it should be approached with levity and fun. If you’re interested in obtaining a long term relationship from dating apps and first dates, there are some questions that should be asked. Here are five topics you should touch on whenever you’re starting to date someone new.

What are their interests and hobbies?

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This question is great for a first date, since it’s simple and non-invasive. Although you can learn someone’s hobbies and interests through their dating profile or their description from friends, it’s important to ask this question directly and listen to what they say. Your date’s passions and interests will let you know if their are worth pursuing and if you like them, which is what matters most.

Get to know their goals

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Asking your date about their goals and prospects is way more interesting than asking them about their jobs, which can at times prompt awkward answers and existential crises. While your date’s job is important, it’s also good to show interest in what they love and makes them happy.

Ask them about their siblings and family

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Asking your date about their siblings and family is a fun and harmless way of getting them to know them on a deeper level, catching a glimpse of their childhood.

What are their deal breakers?

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Once you’ve established a connection and you know the basic things about them, preferably after a couple of dates, you should get to know their deal breakers and the things they can’t tolerate when dating someone new. This is something that must be approached early but not too early, since you don’t want to be freaky.

What do they want out of a relationship?

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Last but not least, asking your date what they want out of relationships is something that should be approached sooner rather than later, especially if it turns out that both of you had different interests and expectations all along.


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