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5 Simple Changes That’ll Help You Eat Better Right Now

Eating more fruit and having veggies for breakfast will improve your relationship with food and make you feel much healthier.

Diets are annoying and often hard to commit to, but we all know the gist of them: In order to lose weight, you should avoid processed foods and limit your intake of sugar. You should work out regularly and eat tons of veggies. Blah, blah, blah. These suggestions are obvious and don’t really do much when it comes to changing peoples’ habits and making them eat better in the long run.

Here are five simple tips that can help anyone develop better eating habits. The best part is that you can start using them today.

Have vegetables for breakfast

There’s a lot of pressure for breakfasts, with some experts explaining that it’s the meal where you should consume the most calories, since you’ll have the rest of the day to burn them off. This is true, but it helps if you start your day off with something healthy over something sweet.

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Having sprinkle pancakes first thing in the morning might make you crave sweets for the rest of your day, which will make it tough for you to stick to any diet. Veggies contain tons of fiber, which fill you up and contain antioxidants and other healthy components. Although veggies for breakfast sound a little unorthodox you can give it a try by adding some kale or spinach to your eggs or by chopping avocados into whatever dish you’ve prepared.

Use herbs and spices

If healthy food tastes bad for you it’s because you haven’t done the proper work with spices and herbs. Have fun and explore different ways of seasoning your meals, adding fresh herbs, salt and pepper, or even some spicy ingredients, like jalapeños. These are low on calories and will make your meal much more interesting than if you just take a veggie out of a bag and cook it in the microwave.

Eat fruit for dessert

Dessert is delicious but also highly caloric and addictive. Once you start having a treat after lunch it’s really hard to stop your cravings. Replace this with your favorite fruit, serving it cold and in an appealing way. It’s not as good as that doughnut, but it’ll make you feel light and like you’re craving’s been satisfied.

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5 Ways To Start Eating Better Now
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Set a snack bedtime

One of the best and most healthiest things you can do is set a bedtime for your snacks. Whether that’s after you’ve brushed your teeth or at 7 p.m., stick to this schedule. Developing this habit will stop you from munching on late at night and will eliminate all of those empty calories that you usually don’t account for.

Take your time to eat

Eat patiently and slowly, savoring each bite and enjoying your food. Planning diets and cooking healthy is exhausting and time consuming, so try to avoid hating on the process. Think about the health benefits and all the good that that food is doing for you, trying to transform your relationship with it into something healthy and less combative.

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