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Why Maintaining A High-Protein Diet Can Be Dangerous

Protein allows you to lose pounds rapidly and in a seemingly healthy manner. Fast and short diets suggest eating high-protein meals for a short period of time, guaranteeing that you’ll shed the desired pounds in just a couple of weeks. 

New research suggests that these methods aren’t good for you in the long run, because eating too much of a particular food type deprives you of other necessary nutrients. 

Popsugar recently reported a study where two groups of overweight women successfully lost 10 percent of their body weight. The problem? The group that was eating more protein demonstrated no increase in their insulin sensitivity, which is something that should naturally happen when people lose weight, and that decreases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. With this study, researchers proved that high-protein diets eliminate one of the best perks of weight loss.

Another study conducted on over 8,000 people from Spain demonstrated that those who consumed large amounts of protein were more likely to gain weight, 48 percent more likely to die from cancer, and twice as likely to die of cardiovascular reasons.

Amy Shapiro, from Real Nutrition NYC, claims that we already consume more proteins that we should, with the average American woman eating around 70 grams of protein a day when the suggested amount is 45 to 50 grams.

Via Popsugar:

“Eating too much of any food group can be harmful to your health and diet goals. It’s about balance.”

Long-term weight loss should be acquired with a balanced diet that contains important elements from all food groups. Most importantly, we should always be careful and wary when trying out a high-protein diet, researching it’s benefits and possible repercussions.



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