Sunday, September 24, 2023

5 Ways Technology Can Improve Your Mental Health

Technology can greatly benefit us during this next round of isolation and pandemic fatigue. Here’s how.

Technology is more pervasive than ever. Even if we wanted to, the pandemic has forced us all to use more of our electronic devices to stay connected — not only to our work, but to our friends, family, and sources of entertainment.

Now that winter is coming and COVID-19 cases are surging across the country, it’s expected that most of us will spend more time at home. This isn’t a great recipe for mental health and it’s important for us to get creative and make the most of this situation. This time around, lockdown measures will feel more difficult to comply with and it’ll be an ongoing struggle to battle the pandemic fatigue that’s affecting us all.

Here are 5 ways in which you can use technology for your mental health:

Pick up the phone

We’ve all used our fair share of Zoom over the past several months. What was at first new and exciting is now cumbersome. No one is into Zoom happy hour anymore. While you might be sick of seeing a dozen faces on your computer screen, it might help to introduce a simple change of pace, like phone calls. These allow you to walk around, do the dishes, organize your bedroom, all the while still having conversations with other people, whether they’re work related or for fun.

Mix up your apps

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While we’re all video chatting more, it helps to use different apps for work and entertainment. Using Zoom for both meetings and social phone calls can get tedious. It also helps to look for different ways of connecting with others, like Kast, which allows you to stream Netflix with friends in different places.

Follow stuff that makes you happy

The news is inescapable. If you want to look for something that makes you happy, like cat videos or cooking videos, you’re gonna have to make the effort to look for them. Try following art accounts and those that give you helpful mental health advice. You can start with these 10 Instagram Accounts To Boost Your Mental Health.

Keep your work separate

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Having an office setup is important for different reasons. This set up will help you get more work done and it will also solidify a difference between fun and work. When taking calls from friends and family, try to move out of your office space or even use your phone. Use your computer for work phone and video chats. While this sounds a bit strict, it can help you transition in and out of work mode more easily. Another thing you can implement is a space where no phones or computers are allowed, allowing you to recharge. This space doesn’t have to be too big or have a door, it can simply be your bed.

Download an app that cultivates a hobby

Whether you’re following Instagram accounts for crochet and bullet journals, or you’re using an app that tracks your running progress, look into your options and try to explore technology in different ways. These apps can help you feel connected to something you like and remind you to invest sometime in your hobby of choice.


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