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5 Ways To Decrease The Damage Caused By Sitting At A Desk All Day

Desk jobs are bad for your body, ruining your posture and messing with your back, neck and wrists. Here are some tips to preserve your body when spending most of your time sitting.

All sorts of studies say that spending most of your hours sitting down is a recipe for a bad back and an early death. Seriously, this was proven by scientists. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, work-related musculoskeletal problems made up 32% of worker injuries in 2014, ranging from carpal tunnel syndrome to pain in backs.

While sitting down for most parts of the day is a prerequisite for everyone with a 9 – 6 job, not all is lost for our health and our necks and our backs. Numerous studies say that a short walk or some brief exercises every once in a while can reduce the damage on your back. Check out five simple ways to avoid desk-job injuries:

Be mindful of your posture

Lower back damage and pain is the most common side effect of having a bad posture, which is a given when you spend 6 hours a day hunched over a desk. To prevent this, invest in a good chair, one that allows you to have your back straight and your feet firmly planted on the ground. You can also purchase a lumbar pillow, to control your posture even more. If you have lower back pain, the easiest way to treat is to push your hips front and back while sitting in your desk chair, loosening up the muscles and relieving pressure.

Protect your wrists

You’re putting your risks in serious danger when you spend most of your day pounding on your keyboard and clicking on a mouse. The harm you cause your wrists may be due to typing too hard, having poor posture and overuse. To prevent this try holding your wrists loose and hovering horizontally over the air as you type. Avoid placing them on the desk, even if having them hover sounds exhausting.

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Accessorize your workspace

You’ve probably seen a few coworkers sitting on yoga balls and using standing desks. Yes, they’re kooky looking, but they serve a purpose. Sitting on a yoga ball keeps your pelvis sharp and strengthens your core, while the standing desk allows for better circulation.

Have some anti-inflammatory foods

While the damage on your back won’t be reversed by your diet, it certainly helps to eat healthy! Instead of having something quick, delicious and greasy, go for anti-inflammatory foods, which are usually plant-based (berries, nuts, avocados, whole grains, etc.). These foods will make you feel better and maybe remind you to take a walk now and then.

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Stretch and walk around

The best advice on this list is to stretch and walk around, even if it’s just for a lap around your room or office. Stretches work well for alleviating pain and release tension, and walking around will make you feel better and correct your posture and the positioning of your body.



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