Wednesday, July 17, 2024

5 Ways To Enjoy The Summer Without Infecting Other People

Summer can a depressing time to be indoors. Here’s how you can make the most of it and still be mindful of the health of others.

Warm and sunny weather is usually worth celebrating. This year, with the rise of the coronavirus, governors and state representatives are concerned over the change of season and what that means for social distancing guidelines. While at some point we’ll all have to leave our homes, this summer we must be extra careful and not forget that there’s a pandemic going on.

In order to make the most of this strange time, we must be careful and creative, coming up with innovative ways to curb the spread of the virus while also tending to our mental health. While we’ll most likely spend a good amount of time indoors, there are ways of being careful and enjoying the warm weather.

Here are 5 ways you can enjoy the summer without infecting other people:

Follow your state’s guidelines

The coronavirus has impacted cities in different ways, with some loosening their social distancing guidelines. Follow your state’s guidelines and adapt to your situation. No matter where you are, businesses that are trying to survive will come up with creative ways of making money, whether through delivery, pick-up or virtual events. People who’ve been quarantining alone will start to hang out with friends who are going through the same stuff. Stay informed and do your part in battling the virus.

Enjoy the outdoors

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Photo by Brodie Vissers via Burst

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Though face masks are the norm in public spaces, you’re not required to wear one when outside or visiting parks, as long as it’s easy to maintain 6-feet of distance from others. Be mindful of yourself and extra respectful of other people, but do try to go for walks and enjoy the sun, even if you have to find odd hours to do so in relative solitude.

Try a new workout method

It’s hard to differentiate seasons when stuck in your house, so switch things up by trying a new workout method you’ve always been interested in by joining an online workout class. Due to the pandemic, many fitness websites and businesses are offering free trials and classes that might help get you excited for summer again. The best part? Nobody will likely notice the extra pandemic weight you’ve put on, nor care. This is the summer where “bikini body” doesn’t exists, and we’re all better for it.

Try different outdoor hobbies

5 Ways To Enjoy The Summer Without Infecting Other People
Photo by Nina Uhlíková via Pexels

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If you live in a place that has access to open spaces, activities like hiking, fishing or bird watching might just lift your spirits. Plus, who doesn’t like to lose themselves in an outdoor activity during warm months?

Drive ins

Miss going to the movies? Welcome to the club. If you own a car, you’re already in luck. Look up your closest drive-in theater and pack some snacks and drinks. This activity has enjoyed a resurgence thanks to its built-in social distancing.


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