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4 Tips To Avoid Gaining Weight Over The Holidays

Here we go again. It’s officially that time of year when we’re left with a few extra pounds that will likely follow us into 2020.

Thanksgiving is a time that mostly revolves around food and somehow seems to extend well into December. Sure, there are family reunions and lots of day drinking, but everyone knows that the true star is the copious amounts of turkey and ham you end up eating. It’s also the time of the year when people officially start to gain weight and to spend less and less time working out.

Holiday weight gain is a misunderstood phenomenon. A study found that people don’t gain all that much weight per season, only about a pound or two by the time the New Year rolls around. The problem most face is the fact that this weight is generally never lost, amounting to a significant amount of pounds accumulated over the years.

Here are 5 tips that can help you avoid too much weight gain.

Keep your workout schedule regular

The main issue with holiday eating is the fact that most of us choose to take a break from our workouts and fitness goals. That, paired with an increased amount of food and alcohol intake, results in weight gain and diminished desire to stay active. No matter how busy the holiday season gets, try to maintain a steady number of workouts per week.

Try detoxing after heavy meals

If you’re feeling particularly bloated after a day of heavy eating, try to detox the next day. There’s no need to go crazy; you’ll instantly feel better if you stick to healthy foods, drink more water than usual and try some green juices. You can also go a step further and try cutting caffeine, sugar, gluten, dairy, or any other elements that may contribute to an upset stomach.

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Don’t punish yourself

There’s nothing worse than feeling guilty about eating delicious food and having a good time. Give yourself the freedom to eat what you want and make yourself feel better by staying active and challenging yourself to work out more than in previous holiday seasons. Try to enjoy every aspect of your vacations, moving around and also spending time with your loved ones.

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Enjoy the holidays

Lastly, it’s important to enjoy the holiday season since its brief (it just seems like forever). Try to forgive yourself for eating and drinking more than usual and for having a less stable schedule. If you plan on working out more during the season, set realistic goals, giving yourself the room to have some lazy days.


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