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5 Winning Taco Hacks That Will Up Your Dinner Game

The taco is life’s perfect food, mainly because you can put anything you want into one and eat them with your hands. They’re wonderful traveling companions, taste great with hot sauce and can be as crunchy, chewy, spicy or fatty as you want them to be. Also true: a dysfunctional shell and/or topping can screw up the whole thing. Here are 5 simple taco hacks to ensure your dinner is a tac-OH! and not a tac-OH, NO!

1. Test The Ripeness Of Your Avocados

Remove the tip of the avocado. If it’s green underneath, it’ ripe. If it’s dark, it’s overripe.

2. Make Your Own Hard Taco Shells 

Spray tortillas with cooking spray (optional) and then drape over (or stick between) the racks in your oven and bake at 375-degrees for about 8 minutes, or until they’re stiff.

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3. Make taco Shells Out Of Cheese

No tortillas lying around? Use some cheese instead (or as a regular taco shell lining!)

4. Shred Chicken In A Mixer 

Use the paddle attachment. It can shred large chunks of boneless meat. A hand mixer works, too.

5. Use Flip Side Of A Muffin Tin To Hold Shells In Place 

Makes filling them way easier.

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