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9 Social Media Hacks That Will Improve Your Feeds And Simplify Your Life

Social media websites are simple enough to use, but there are some hacks that can make your timeline cleaner and more pleasant.

Most of us are fluent in social media speak. Aside from the fact that these sites are designed by experts to be intuitive, we spend hours every day using them, whining about the new layouts and changes in software, while learning how to navigate them all the same. Still, there are plenty of social media hacks that can make your life easier and can help you have more fun.

Here are 9 simple tips that will make the time you spend online way better.


IFTTT stands for “if this, then that,” and it’s a site that basically connects all of your apps and profiles together. If you want to change your profile photo on Instagram and Twitter, IFTTT allows you to do it with one click. You can also upload posts onto different platforms simultaneously. IFTTT is a service that gives users more control over their online presence. It’s also free.

Don’t be afraid of the soft block feature

Soft blocking someone on Twitter or Instagram is when you block them and then unblock them. It may sound silly, but by doing this, you not only unfollow them, they unfollow you too — without even knowing it. Yes, stealthily getting rid of a connection is passive aggressive, but it’s also drama-free.

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Get to know TweetDeck

TweetDeck allows to create different columns of Twitter accounts, allowing you to keep tabs on people you don’t have to follow. Want to keep up with the latest Kardashian gossip without announcing to the world that you want to do it? Use TweetDeck. Want to keep up with different news sites without losing your mind? Same.

Learn Twitter shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are the best, we just don’t remember them because it feels like homework. If you use Twitter regularly it might help to know that by pressing ‘n’ you can start a new tweet, and that by pressing ‘r’ you can leave a reply on a post. Check out the full list here.

Hide your activity status on Instagram

One of the worst parts about social media is how creepy the whole thing can be. Instagram allows you to hide your activity status by going to Settings, Privacy and then disabling your Activity Status. This will stop showing the last time you visited the app while also hiding other people’s activity. Who needs all that stress?

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 Create a list of people you want to approach

If you want to use social media with a more professional twist, you can create a sort of stalker list of people you admire and want to contact. This list will allow you to keep everyone in mind so that you can follow them on different social media platforms, bookmarking their sites and relevant content. Take a few minutes a day to interact with them, especially of you have something relevant to share.

Mix your personal and professional information

If you plan on linking your social media to your resume or your work portfolio, be sure to have a healthy balance of the personal and the professional in your profiles. Listing out your professional achievements is impressive, but hundreds of people can do the same. If you want to stand out it’s easier if you are honest about your hobbies and, I don’t know, your pets.

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Manage the time you spend on social media

It’s always important to manage the time we spend on these apps, especially if they affect your mental health and your moods. Instagram allows you to manage this in app. Head over to Settings tab and select “Your Activity.” This area will allow you to set a timer which will then notify you once you’ve reached the limit. Also, if you have a new smartphone, it’s very likely that there’s some sort of social media monitoring.

Use the mute feature. Just do it

If something annoys you or stays on your brain long after you’ve closed the app, be sure to mute that. Instagram and Twitter both allow you to mute annoying posts and people.



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