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All Disney World Restrooms Have This Odd Thing In Common

Mirrors have played an integral part in Disney movies: “Snow White”, “Little Mermaid”, “Beauty and the Beast” and “Alice in Wonderland”, to name just a few. Which is why it’s odd that mirrors don’t exist in Disney World bathrooms.

There are several theories as to why this is.

One, it’s expensive to install big mirrors in the theme park’s massive amount of restrooms. Two, nobody wants their vacation ruined by seeing how sweaty and windblown they look after getting off a ride.

As this article so bluntly puts it, “They say people who don’t keep full length mirrors in their house are happier. I guess Disney takes this a step further and takes away all the mirrors so you are blissfully unaware that you look like a troll. I forgot I was fat for a whole week!”

Three, no mirrors equal quicker moving lines. And four, vandalism, which is an issue at all theme parks.

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As this former theme park employee explains: “The mirrors in the restrooms at Universal Orlando were massive, covering most of the wall over the sinks. It costs thousands of dollars just for the mirror, not including the labor involved to remove the old and install the new. It’s just not an expense that is worth the money.”

All of these reasons are why you’ll likely only find a large mirror inside near the entrance of the park. And why you’ll likely see an uptick in women carrying compacts.


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