Monday, June 1, 2020
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Apple Is Working On A Foldable Smartphone

Apple and Samsung continue to battle it out, with one company popularizing ideas of their own and the other picking up on it and giving it their own spin.

Although this has been the case for years with interactive emojis and cellphone functions, The Independent reports that Apple has recently submitted a patent for a foldable smartphone. This idea was one popularized by Samsung, the only large cellphone company that’s been openly working on a device that blends the features of smartphones and tablets.

According to experts, foldable smartphones are the next tech big trend, having the capability of larger than average screen that’s also practical to carry around on the go.

The patents of Apple’s foldable smartphone show a screen that’s capable of bending in different directions and at different angles, allowing the device to fold in the shape of a pyramid, possibly allowing people to view content even if they’re standing across from each other. The submitted patents don’t directly apply to iPhones and could serve as blueprints for Apple’s upcoming iPads, Macbooks or whatever they’re planning to release next.

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It’s unknown if Apple will release a foldable device any time soon; most people predict that the company will focus on developing new generations of their current iPhones. If we see a foldable device from them, experts believe it’ll be announced by 2020.

For the time being, the only company that will have a foldable phone is Samsung with their Galaxy Fold. The device has a starting price of $1,980 and will be available for purchase this April.


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