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British People Are Battling Brexit Frustrations With ‘BrexFit’ Workout

Working out has always been associated with lower levels of stress. It seems like British people really took that idea to heart, creating a workout specifically tailored for those who need extra help when it comes to coping with the consequences of Brexit. It’s obviously called BrexFit, because who could miss out on making that pun?

The routines include high-intensity exercises and routines where gym members get to do different things, such as punch bags with pictures of Theresa May on them, or throw balls at giant printouts of Jeremy Corbyn’s face. The images of the Prime Minister and the Labour party leader are printed in crisp high definition, allowing you to really get in the mood to rage and vent.

The exercises, created by fitness company Gymbox, were chosen because Brexit is one of the main sources of frustration for a lot of people who live in London.

“We thought well, what better way to actually release frustration and anger than actually put on a Brexfit class as we’ve called it, where you can actually punch your most hated politician in the face on a punch bag,” said Gymbox’s leader Marc Diaper on an interview with Reuters.

Gym members have responded positively to these workouts, pushing them to exercise harder than ever because what’s a better motivator than punching a politician in the face?

“I have a problem to get my student loan because of Brexit, so today I really take out my frustration on this whole situation and I feel really good,” said gym member Ania Jarzabkiewicz.

Million-dollar idea here: How about Gymbox opens one of those gyms in America and allows us to join in on the political dissatisfaction party? Anyone? Please?



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