Thursday, August 13, 2020
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Dog Relaxation Videos Are Your New Favorite Thing

There are all sorts of dogs, with different temperaments and looks, but they all share some basic similarities. These animals are creatures of habit, who revel in their routines. When it’s disrupted, dogs get anxious. No matter the dog’s breed or behavior, if you’ve ever owned one then you’ve definitely found yourself growing increasingly anxious because you can’t find a way of tranquilizing your pet.

Well, my friend, the internet has got a solution for you.

Mashable reports that dog relaxation videos are a real thing, and they can put your dog to sleep with the help of a few specially designed tunes. These clips and playlists, readily available on YouTube, can last for hours, easing your dog’s stress and anxiety.

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A YouTube channel that’s gathered some notoriety and that produces a large amount of content is called Relax My Dog. Founder Amman Ahmen explains that the company interlaces their songs with a high pitched noise that functions as a dog whistle, holding your dog’s attention over long periods of time. Although there’s not a lot of science that supports these findings, customer feedback suggest that the videos work, soothing humans who in turn project calm and peacefulness onto their pets.

“All our research is based on 7 years of customer feedback. We are in a constant feedback loop from our growing fan base on what sounds, arrangements and frequencies work and as a result we crafted a formula,” explains Ahmen.


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