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Even Conservatives Want to See Marijuana Protections Preserved

In an effort to protect current policy that keeps the feds out of medical marijuana, a group of far leaning, right wing conservatives are urging congress to do the right thing.

“On its face, the [policy] merely prohibits the use of taxpayer money by federal authorities to prosecute medical marijuana patients and providers who are in compliance with the laws of their state,” the groups wrote in a letter delivered to both Republican and Democratic House and Senate leaders Tuesday. “At its heart, however, it is a guard for our nation’s fragile principle of federalism—the right of the states to govern matters within their borders as their constituents see fit.”

The policy is a throwback to the Obama era circa 2014, abd keeps the DOJ from spending money on the hinderance of the medical marijuana policies. Now, the provision is bound to expire Friday, unless Congress extends the deadline.

According to Marijuana Moment, Many cannabis activists fear that if these protections go away, Jeff Sessions may get the idea in his head that it would be a good time to crack down on medical marijuana.

“A majority of the Americans now live in states that have legalized medical marijuana and only 14 percent oppose such laws, according to a recent Yahoo/Marist College poll,” the conservative groups’ letter reads. “With broad popular support for them, it’s not surprising that Congress would take action to protect these laws from federal interference.”

From their written words to God’s eyes. The protections passed in both 2014 and 2015 in the house with bipartisan support. After it was approved by the Senate Appropriations Committee, it’s been consistently included in federal funding bills.

However, in recent years, house leaders blocked votes on the measure, there is speculation that it won’t be included in the Fiscal Year 2018 funding legislation.

Hopefully the letter written by 66 bipartisan leaders asking to keep protections in place for the next year has an impact.

“As a coalition of groups supporting free market solutions and the protection of essential Constitutional principles, we strongly urge you to respect our nation’s federalist structure, patient’s’ right to decide on their own treatment, and good order by including [the provision] in the Fiscal Year 2018 omnibus appropriations bill,” the conservative organizations wrote in an even more recent letter.



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