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Read It: Family’s Pet Chicken Dies And Gets Its Own Obituary

Few animals, let alone chickens, get their own paid death notice in newspapers, but that’s what Big Mama got for being such a good girl. The obituary appeared on The Eagle newspaper, a local paper from Bryan, Texas, and it got a lot of notoriety due to how cute and sweet it is.

The obituary explains how the family met Big Mama, a chicken who wasn’t cared for and who was going to be euthanized unless someone stepped in and adopted her. Stephanie and Gregory Sword saw a grainy picture of Big Mama, who was raised indoors and who’d never met other chickens, and decided to take her back to their home in College Station, where they lived with their two sons. Years later, Big Mama died in her sleep while laying on her favorite spot in the coop, at age 6.

According to local media, Stephanie Sword was very surprised by all the attention that the obituary caught, and by the amount of people that were moved by Big Mama’s story.


“We’re just hoping that the story of Big Mama will remind others that every life, even that of a chicken, is valuable and worth saving,”

Big Mama is survived by her flock of chickens: Bubbles, Runt, Mrs. S, Funky, Lucky, and Blondie. 

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