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How Many Calories Do You Burn On A Daily Basis?

“You burn calories by breathing” is a thing people like to say. And it may sound dramatic, but it’s true. Everything you do consumes calories, and the more effort you put into a tax, the more calories you burn. You can burn a good amount of calories just by doing everyday things that don’t demand a lot of movement, like sleeping, cleaning, reading, and studying.

Healthline compiled a list of everyday activities that burn calories and we chose our favorites and most random ones. Check them out.


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According to Healthline, a person that weighs 155 pounds burns 23 calories per every half hour of sleep. That’s not a lot but if you multiply that by eight hours of sleep then it results in something like 400 calories. Should we just sleep all the time and give up on life?


Reading burns 42 calories per half hour. Must be all that activity in your head or the strain it takes to reach for your coffee.


This activity burns over 90 calories per half hour, making cooking one of the most calorie-burning-activities you can do that don’t require moving your legs a lot and stepping out into the sunlight.


Gardening burns a crazy amount of 167 calories per half hour. That’s an entire can of Coke! All while you’re tending your cute plants.

Playing with kids

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Kids are stressful, so it makes sense that a 155 pound person would burn 149 calories per half hour of play time. I guess this number can vary depending on the size and intensity of the child you’re playing with. Also, the amount of kids.

Watching TV

Sadly, you only burn 28 calories per every half hour of TV activity. Even though this number is not surprising, it’s still disappointing.


The amount of calories you burn during sex depends on the level of activity, gender, and amount of time. Men tend to have more muscle mass, burning around 100 calories for every half hour of action. Women burn approximately 69 calories per session.

Grocery shopping with a cart

The cart is very important here, helping you burn up to 130 calories every time you shop for more than half hour. The super market is a great place to burn calories, being distracting and fun if you’re the type of person who enjoys grocery shopping. Who isn’t?


Logically, walking for half hour is a decent enough workout, burning over 150 calories. It also depends on your speed, but that’s a pretty good number.

Standing in line

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Another reason why you should spend more time at the grocery store is that you also burn 50 calories for every half hour you wait in line. Lines are still awful but at least now you know that you’re not completely wasting your time.



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