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How Secret Is Disney’s $90 Secret Nacho Challenge?

The secret’s out. There’s a food challenge hidden within Frontierland inside the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World that involves a pile of nachos and potentially a long, long wait.

The folks from Hellthy Junkfood brought some friends along to attempt the challenge, which doesn’t look too impressive, but is reportedly supposed to feed up to 8 people.

The Nachos Rio Grande challenge takes place at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Café. In the video, the group of friends is instructed to arrive between 3-6p along with the “secret special nacho phrase.” Whatever that is. The group is then led to a roped-off section of the restaurant and after a more than two hour wait (there are quite a few other people also attempting the challenge, everyone is hangry), are finally presented with a huge tray of chips, which are then dressed with several toppings that arrive in a mini chuckwagon.

Delivering your nachos? A processional of every cast member in the restaurant,

The nachos come with the usual toppings of queso, salsa and guac, as well as three kinds of meat: chicken, beef and pork. The crew quickly finished the nachos, and some are even left hungry. As one of the friends states: “Bring four people. Three of them can’t be hungry.”

Afterwards, each diner is presented with a certificate, plastic deputy badge and churros, because Mexico. Head to the Disney Food Blog for more details and photos.




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