Friday, September 25, 2020
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Apple’s iPhone X Can Do Everything Except Take Calls

While the iPhone X represents the highest form of technology available on a portable device, many users claim that it has issues while taking phone calls. Or as some like to call it, the main function of a phone.  

According to Fortune, many users have taken to Apple forums to complain about instances where the touchscreen takes up to 10 seconds to light up when it receives a phone call, leaving people listening to their ringtones without being able to pick up the phone.

I can often not see an incoming call coming, can only hear it! At other times, there is a significant delay 🙁

While the initial reception of the phone was very positive, shipping over 29 million units over the holidays (according to Canalys), the iPhone X has been experiencing some trouble ever since. Sales of the device fell in January and the production of the phone was cut in half. Later, Apple did its first market correction in over a year, demonstrating a 10 percent decline in stock price.

Is it the end of the iPhone era and time for other Android devices to take the spotlight? Is it time for something else? For now, we can only guess and make assumptions. We do know that if you’re about to cash out a thousand bucks for a phone, you should think long and hard about what you want it to do. If you’re a texter, do you really care about the phone call part? You still have Animojis. 


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