Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Is Apple Trying To Kill Third-Party Apps?

Nowhere seemed a bigger hotbed for revolutionary ideas and concepts than Silicon Valley in the 21st century. The technology birthed in that era has fundamentally changed the way we live, in ways both exciting and scary. And while it’s safe to assume some random start-up is generating the next new platform or product every day, the tech titans on the top have become ruthless at effectively stealing ideas initiated by third-party developers.

We need to look no further than the new iOS features Apple announced at their annual Worldwide Developers Conference this week. Here’s a short list:

Group Facetime

When using the iPhone’s Facetime feature, it was only good for 1-on-1 video calls. But now, Apple has unveiled Group Facetime, which will allow up to 32 participants at once. Compare that to other video chat services, like Skype or Google Hangouts or Houseparty, that are popular among teens.

Skype and Hangouts allows for 25 people at once, while Houseparty limits calls to eight people at a time, though you can be on multiple Houseparty calls at once.

Time Trackers

Sure, it’s kind of strange we’re all so addicted to our screens that our only solution is apps on those screens to limit more time on those screens. There are loads of apps available to block yourself, but now Apple will employ something they call Screen Time. Their service will track how much time you spend on various apps and send you a weekly report to tell you how you’re doing. Try not to get bummed out.


A new Apple app named Measure allows you to measure the sizes of things in real life via augmented reality. But you could also just use Ruler or AirMeasure — apps that perform an identical task and already available in the App store. Or you could, you know, just use an extra measure if you wanted.


They’re playful and fun once you understand how to use them, and especially useful when you can’t be bothered to conjure a real response to someone. Apple will now have Memojis, which are completely customizable avatars that function similarly to their Animojis.

Remember Miis on the Nintendo Wii? They’re basically those but slightly better looking.


Apple wants you to have more automation via its new Shortcut app. That means you can connect multiple actions across various apps to occur one after the other. In addition, you can activate this feature through Siri voice command to make things even easier. It’s basically an identical service as IFTTT (If This Then That), though IFTTT isn’t available through Siri voice command — just Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. Like many other third-party developers, IFTT will have a hard time competing with all the advantages Apple has.

FaceTime is a standard app that comes with the iPhone. If it was accidentally deleted, you can download it by opening the App Store on your iPhone 6 and download it there. additionally, you can check Facetime for pc incase you want to download facetime in big screen.



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