Thursday, August 6, 2020
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WATCH: Clumsy Costumed Cats Return For Japan’s Loveable Pizza Hut Ad

A couple of years ago, Japan Pizza Hut unleashed a series of videos starring a rag-tag team of lazy-ass cats that ran their own pizza shop. And now, it’s back!

The new “Pizza Cat” ad features just one cat, Shinjin. No word on what happened to the original crew, but hopefully they found better jobs. Or won the lottery.


The original Pizza Cat store opened in 2014 and featured several pizza ninjas that may or may not have been super high on catnip while on the job.


All of the videos in the series are hilariously lame. Here, we see the crew sleeping on the job.


And here, the crew is literally doing nothing.


And in this video, the cats are doing what they do best: literally doing nothing.

The new “Pizza Cat” ad is actually promoting something — a 22-percent off coupon through Pizza Hut’s app. And while the coupon only applies to those living in Japan, everyone else can still snag a half-off coupon for online orders through Feb. 27, the day after the Oscars.


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