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Selfie Craze In Toxic Siberian Lake Alarms Authorities

Influencers and almost everyone with a phone in their pocket has some interest in photography. We all want to document our memories and take beautiful images, maybe even have some of them go viral. Of course, this is easier said than done, which is why some people have decided to take selfies submerged in unnaturally blue and polluted waters.

Bloomberg reports that police from the Russian city of Novosibirsk have had to increase the security on the Siberian Maldives toxic reservoir because tourists are sneaking in to take pictures of the artificial lake.

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The water obtains its striking turquoise color due to the chemical ash residue it contains, which is generated by the adjacent power station. Despite these dangers, tourists have hired photographers to conduct wedding photoshoots and a guy even entered the reservoir to take a picture atop a unicorn float.

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The Siberian Generating Company released a statement explaining how bad of an idea this is, listing all the contaminants that are present in the water. They explain that the lake is man made and that even if it’s not poisonous, it is a “high alkaline environment” that can cause reactions on the skin. The deep blue color is due to the presence of calcium salts and oxides from various metals, which you don’t want to have on you. They also say that the bottom of the lake is very muddy, and that exiting it alone is dangerous and almost impossible.

Aside from warning people, the company will also implement a 24 hour security detail who will hopefully prevent intruders from sneaking in.


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