Monday, January 20, 2020
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So, Ziploc Has A Fashion Line And We Don’t Know How To Feel

If you ever wanted your clothing to have the functionality of a freezer bag, your day has come. Japanese clothing line Beams has collaborated with Ziploc to create a new fashion line.

According to Fader, the collection is on trend with its use of unorthodox materials, “adding a heavy dose of weirdo kitsch.”

The look of a Ziploc bag has worked its way into umbrellas, hates, fanny packs, totes and other accessories, making you wonder how you ever lived without the transparency of America’s favorite sandwich holder.

The pop-up shop collection debuted Wednesday, and you shop on the Beams website beginning August 20.

Here’s an Instagram slideshow that won’t disappoint. And don’t miss the video below.


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