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These People Believe Earth Is Hollow, Filled With Aliens And Nazis

There’s a growing number of conspiracy theorists who believe the world is not only hollow, but filled with everything from aliens to Nazis to the lost Viking colonies of Greenland.

And according to the guy spearheading this weird theory, the superior race living inside the earth has been spying on us with UFOs, while trying to prevent a nuclear war.

Rodney Cluff, author of World Top Secret: Our Earth IS Hollow, organized a 2007 voyage to the center of the earth to try and find an opening at the North Pole, something NASA has been blamed for “hiding” from the rest of us. The expedition was cancelled. Shocking, right?

He tells The SunOnline that more and more people are starting to believe in this ridiculous hollow Earth theory, saying, “I get emails from people learning about it every day. It’s definitely growing in popularity, certainly not in the millions, but maybe in the thousands.”

And if you think he also subscribes to the flat Earth theory, well, that’s just dumb, according to Cluff:

I don’t know how the flat-Earthers can be so confused. They are obviously wrong. The world is not flat – it’s hollow. They reject all the evidence.

Unlike flat-Earthers, Cluff and his fellow hollow Earthers believe that the world (and all other planets) is more doughnut shaped, with three openings to inner Earth: two near the North and South poles and one in the Himalayas.

Mr. Cluff says he believes the outer shell of the Earth is about 800 miles thick and says those who have gotten a first hand look inside describe it as paradise.

The hollow Earth theory can be traced back to the Ancient Greeks, Tibetan Buddhists and Christians who believed that underground realms often became associated with the afterlife.

And according to The Sun, the idea gained traction once again after 18th century astronomer Edmond Halley used the hollow Earth argument to explain wayward compass readings.



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