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Watch: This Operation Cake Actually Functions As A Real Game

Here's how to make it.

Screenshot via How To Cook That/Youtube

Do you have a lot of time on your hands and want to make possibly the world’s best cake for kiddos? If so, there’s a functioning Operation game cake recipe that’s incredibly intricate, but the end result, if done correctly, is unbelievable — both visually and creatively.

This recipe from Ann Reardon is not for a noob, it’s for someone who’s been around the proverbial cake block a few times. Baking the cake is actually the easy part. The hard work is in the design details: the drawing, the painting, and finishing touches —  all done with the help of a cutout “patient” that can be printed out and used as a stencil. The internal organs and other body parts are all carved out of colored fondant, which is a huge project on its own.

This recipe also requires a bit of tech know-how. To trigger the sounds, you’ll need to add a sound board to the cake that is activated by your computer after assembly is complete.

The entire recipe can be found on the How Too Cook That website. But even if you have no intention to put that kind of effort into a cake that, to be honest, might not even be that edible, this tutorial is worth a watch.

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