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WATCH: The 7 Most Memorable Cherry Pie And Coffee Moments In ‘Twin Peaks’

Two of the most notable characters in “Twin Peaks” are uncredited: coffee and cherry pie. They play a huge part in defining the characters and backdrop of the hit ’90s series, which woefully only lasted two seasons. Fortunately for everyone who has been limping along without this twisted show for more than two decades, Showtime has picked up the lifeless body, performed CPR and is now reviving the cult oddity on Sunday.

In anticipation, here are some of the most memorable scenes involving the Double R Diner (played by Twede’s Cafe near Seattle, which would really appreciate it if  you knew they serve many other flavors of pie) that’s referenced just as often, if not more, than the actual human actors when tripping down memory lane. Also noted: a suspicious number of bumblebee references.

1. Dale Cooper’s introduction to the “best in the tri-counties” cherry pie, which he subsequently orders two more pieces of. “You must have the metabolism of a bumblebee,” says Sheriff Harry Truman when Cooper orders two more slices during the show’s second episode.

2. Series creator David Lynch, who plays FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole, falls in love with RR’s famous dessert…and the waitress, Shelly Johnson. Upon gazing at her beauty he says, “I feel as though my stomach is filled with a team of bumblebees.” Initially wanting “a steak so rare you could sell it at Tiffany’s,” he takes Johnson’s advice and orders pie — in “massive, massive quantities.” Later, he asks shouts for a piece of paper and a pencil so he can write “an epic poem about this gorgeous pie.”

3. Agent Cooper declares his famous “a damn fine cup of coffee” line right before he meets Audrey Horne for the first time while eating breakfast at the Great Northern Hotel. He tells the server, “I’ve had…I can’t tell you how many cups of coffee in my life and this…this is one of the best.”

4. In dictation to his secretary Diane, Agent Cooper  professes that “the true test of any hotel…is that morning cup of coffee.”

5. Agent Cooper’s trippy dream sequence coffee date with a dwarf in the Black Lodge during the show’s final episode.

6. Dale Cooper shares one of his secrets to living a good life with Sheriff Harry S. Truman. “Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. It could be a new shirt at a men’s store, a cat nap in your office chair or…two cups of good, hot, black coffee.” Like Christmas.

7. Gordon orders three pieces of pie for himself and Shelly before asking Shelly, “do you mind if we share?” It’s the same scene where they also share their first kiss.



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