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What About Experimenting With Marijuana

It is legal to 50%+ of people and people are buzzing about it….so what about experimenting with marijuana

All of Canada and over 50% of the US have access to legal cannabis, and people seem to have changed their opinion about it.  Fox News covers it as a legit business and 85+% of the population think it should be legal.  From Gen Z to Boomers, people are headed to dispensaries to try it out.  So what about experimenting with marijuana?  Will you get addicted the first time?  Is it life changing?

The old myth is marijuana is addictive and a gateway drug. Addiction is more common in alcohol or cocaine. But it’s possible to get hooked on marijuana, also known as cannabis. Studies show about 1 in 10 adults who use marijuana can get addicted.

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Healthwise, marijuana is easier on the body than alcohol.  Used in moderation, marijuana allows you to avoid weight gain, hangovers and body damage.  Alcohol can be rough on the body.  Also, there is zero cases of someone overdosing on marijuana, the worst case is they fall asleep. Gen Z is drifting away from alcohol and heading over to the marijuana camp.

marijuana edibles
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How you experiment is also a consideration.  If you are passed a joint, a bong, or a vape, you are likely to have a high fairly quickly. As it fades, you can make a decision on whether to continue in the moment or reflect if you would try it again.  One hit doesn’t really make you a consumer or stoner.  If you use an edible, start low and slow, a gummy might relax you, but don’t expect to buzzing like two martinis.  Give it 45 minutes and then see how it goes.

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Why are experiments, are you moving away from alcohol?  Are you feeling stressed? Or just curious?  All are ok reasons, but it good to know why so you can see if it accomplishes your goal.  A study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders found that marijuana reduces symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress. Researchers found those hoping to reduce stress should use high-CBD/high-THC strains while high-CBD/low-THC varieties best help limit depression.

“Cannabis reduces perceived symptoms of negative affect in the short-term, but continued use may exacerbate baseline symptoms of depression over time,” researchers concluded.

If you have a condition like IBS, anxiety, or another medical condition is helps, it can be life-changing.  Otherwise it could just make you happy and open your mind – and you can decide if it is life-changing.



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