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When It Comes To Sleep, Quality Is Better Than Quantity

When it comes to sleep, we usually think that the more we have of it the better, but sometimes getting a good night’s sleep isn’t as simple as putting in your eight hours.

According to LifeHack, this mentality of “more sleep is better” comes from our parents, who teach us that sleep guarantees healthy growth and development. Babies are known for sleeping a lot, in fact, it’s almost all they do, sleeping from 14-17 hours a day. As we age, the need to sleep decreases, with teens needing between eight and 10 hours a day, and adults functioning well with seven and nine hours of sleep.

Sleep is an important process, where our bodies can heal, recharge, and prepare us for the challenges of the following day. But different studies have proven that too much sleep is not good for our health. “Sleepers” have trouble with depression, heart conditions, and impaired cognitive functions.

Too much sleep can damage the quality of overall sleep as well. Quality sleep is achieved through the REM phase, which is the phase of deep slumber and dreaming. Research proves that new mothers, even those who sleep for more than seven hours, have similar sleep patterns to people who suffer from sleep disorders. This is due to the fact that they are awakened several times during the night, and that they’re not able to get enough REM sleep.

At the end of the day, if you sleep 10 hours every night then that’s great, but be sure to get as much deep rest as possible, which is the kind that preserves your health and restores your body.

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