5 Possible Reasons Why Everyone Is Always Fighting At Chuck E. Cheese’s

Won't someone please think about the children?

Chuck E. Cheese's
Photo by Flickr user Mike Mozart

Chuck E. Cheese’s is a fun and exciting place to host a child’s birthday party. There’s greasy food, arcade games, and weird animatronic robots everywhere. But, as we’ve noted, it’s also a magnet for all sorts of terrible behavior from parents there with their children. Over the years, there have been dozens of fights and brawls at the pizza chain in at least nine different states. But why? We have some theories.

Something In The Sauce?

Photo via Paul Lewis/Flickr

According to its menu, Chuck E. Cheese’s Red Sauce contains tomato, salt, spices, citric acid, garlic, and onion. That sounds common enough but perhaps there’s something bout the ratio of “spices” to “citric acid” that brings out the worst in parents? Just a theory…

Animatronic Robots Have Mind Control That Makes Us Violent?

Watch the video above. Now watch it again at a louder volume. Now watch it again at the loud volume with children running and screaming all around you. Robot dogs and birds and rats “playing” instruments and “singing.” Do you suddenly want to fight someone/thing? Uh, us neither… But if you/we did, the clearly evil robots are almost certainly to blame. If you need more evidence, check out the singing rat below

Arcade Game-Induced Madness?

Who doesn’t love a good arcade game? But if you play too many at a place like Chuck E. Cheese’s, it’s possible you might get something we just made up called Arcade Game-Induced Madness. All the digital games at Chuck E. Cheese’s, like Superspin and Speed Demon and Harpoon Lagoon and Stack-It, can, in our opinion, induce a sort of psychosis that could lead you to a fight another parent. Our advice? Stick to Skee Ball.

Chuck E. Cheese Parties Are Actually Meet-ups For A National Ring of Secret Fight Clubs

This probably isn’t true, but you never know.


The most boring answer but probably the only correct one: David Schwartz, a psychologist and professor at the University of Southern California, told ABC News in 2012 that birthday parties are often “really emotional situations.”

“There’s frustration and provocation,” he said. “A parent will never be more ready to defend somebody than when they’re with their child.”

Add in some booze, insane looking robots, and bad pizza to the stress, and you’ve got the ideal situation for a Chuck E. Cheese brawl.

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