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Friends With Edibles: Sucking On Caramel Apple Chews

As Thanksgiving nears, flavors of pumpkin, clove, cinnamon and other warming spices dance on our tongues and through our minds. But sometimes, you have to just settle for what your nearest cannabis retailer has to offer. For this episode of Friends With Edibles, I turned to caramel apple — the holiday flavor du jour for herbal candies (in my neighborhood, at least).

Last time, I stupidly overdosed on a coffee mocha (30 mg, yowza!). Not sure what was wrong with me, but I attempted to be a bit more cautious this time around with the help of my good friend Katie Okumura, co-host of Seattle Kitchen, alongside local celeb chefs Tom Douglas and Thierry Rautureau. Let’s see how we do. (P.S. swivel chairs are super fun and not at all a distraction!)

A single piece of candy (10mg) had a stronger effect on me that I expected. I was able to get home safely, but made the mistake of taking a shot of tequila right after our shoot. Sounded like a good idea in the moment (I think that’s tequila’s official super power). Afterward, Katie and I went across the street for a drink. I had coffee. The rest is fuzzy. But Katie did tell me the next day that she popped a half-piece of candy after our outing and felt good enough to meet friends for dinner, so I feel justified in my assertion that she has a huge tolerance for drugs.

A special thank you to our videographer and enabler Colin Bishop for having those shots of tequila on hand. 

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