Sunday, August 9, 2020
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These Little Kids Learned To Drive Online, Immediately Hit Up The McDonald’s 

You’re eight years old, you’ve just watched several hours of driving instruction videos on YouTube, and you’ve got your parents’ car keys. What do you do? McDonald’s!

Strap your kid sister into the passenger seat and motor it to the nearest McDonald’s drive-thru, duh.

That’s what two children in East Palestine, Ohio, did with their Sunday evening. While their parents were sleeping, the pair snuck out and stole their car, driving it to the Mickey D’s for cheeseburgers.

Local news station WFMJ reports:

The boy just wanted to buy a cheeseburger at the Market Street restaurant, according to police. “He looked up videos on YouTube on how to drive,” said officer Koehler, who adds that witnesses say the boy followed the rules of the road, stopping for lights and keeping within speed limits.

The joyride had a happy ending, at least. The children got to eat the cheeseburgers while they waited for their grandparents to come pick them up.

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