Saturday, January 18, 2020
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WATCH: Russian Man Builds House Using 12,000 Champagne Bottles

Using empty wine bottles to build garden decorations and Christmas trees is all the rage. But Champagne bottles? That’s a whole new chapter in the book of ballerdom.

A Russian man named Eldar Ilchibayev built the home in honor of his brother, who had the idea before dying in an accident. Ilchibayev and his father spent two years collecting the  bottles with the help of neighbors, who also donated their empties.

Ilchibayev tells ITV News that the home is not entirely made from glass bottles:

The main frame is built with timber beams, they were set upright. Then the bottles were put around them, and all this was filled with waste matter and concrete. And we put about two, three centimetres of foam plastic between the beams and the bottles.

Here’s video of the impressive home. Something to think about next time you pop a bottle of bubbly.


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