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This Dessert Looks Just Like An Avocado And Tastes Like Key Lime Pie

Empellón restaurant in NYC has an avocado dessert on its menu that looks and feels exactly like an avocado. On the menu, it’s listed as “Avocado with Lime, Olive Oil and Eucalyptus Yogurt” and diners say it tastes a lot like Key lime pie.

In actuality, it’s a semi-frozen avocado parfait. The secret to it’s realness seems to be a creamy, silky mixture of avocado, lime purée and whipped cream, which is blended by hand and piped into a silicon avocado mold. The green coloring is airbrushed onto each “avocado,” which is served atop a pile of lime “snow.”

Chef Alex Stupak says the initial guest reaction to his dessert is “one of being offended, because they’re looking at it like, ‘Why did you just give me half of a raw avocado on a plate?'” After digging in with their spoon, diners “notice immediately what they thought was skin just sort of disappears into this soft, creamy texture. That trick stays with people forever.”

He also says that he loves avocado in desserts and that:

Most people only ever enjoy this fruit in savory preparations, which is a shame because many of the subtle flavors come out when a bit of sugar is added to the mix.

For us in its pure form, avocados have delicate flavors of anise, almond and unripe banana. You can’t perceive any of these flavors when the product is turned into guacamole or smeared on a piece of toast.

Take a look at how it’s made.


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