Saturday, December 3, 2022

Ice Cream Ramen: Now A Thing

It doesn’t take much for a food item to become viral these days. Case in point: ramen ice cream. Bright toxic-looking color? Check. Edible? Check. Instagrammable? Uh, yeah.

This bourgeoning trend comes from The Dessert Kitchen in NYC.

The “ramen” is actually kanten, a transparent Japanese jelly noodle. For dessert purposes, it’s covered in flavored sauces, like peach, honey or brown sugar. And it sits on a bed of crushed ice covered in evaporated milk and mixed fruit. The taste has been described as “mellow,” as one slurping jelly and milk would assume.

Unlike its predecessor raindrop cake, ice cream ramen is a little more appealing, mainly because it’s more substantial than what basically amounts to clear water-flavored Jell-O.

A quick Google search of “ice cream ramen” will bring up a story from 2011 that might lead you to believe RocketNews24 was way ahead of the trend. But don’t be fooled by imposters. There are no cones, nor ice cream associated with this dessert.

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