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VIDEO: This Guy Is Proof The Holidays Make You Insane In The Kitchen

If there was ever a sundae that was impossible to eat, this is it.

David Parody
Screenshot via DavidParody/Youtube

YouTube star David Parody made a video showing us all how not to do the holidays (unless we’re totally not sober).

Parodying those “cheap vs. expensive” Buzzfeed videos, he created a video in which he uses more than $100 worth of ingredients to make the ultimate sundae, with McDonald’s Turtle sundae standing in as the defender in this completely rigged bout.

The rapacious bowl is filled with ice cream, ice cream bars, cookies, $100 worth of Godiva chocolate, two types of eggnog, rum, candy, Nutella, and chocolate sauce. It’s topped with one of those huge eggs with a toy inside, which he cracks open at the end.

Anyway, here’s something for your holiday party Pinterest board.


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