Monday, July 6, 2020
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Watch This Very Good Dog Play Fetch In A Leaf Pile

If your mom is anything like my mom, the first day of fall is basically a national holiday. The fake leaf wreaths come out of storage, cinnamon sticks go from an infrequently-used food item to an acceptable coffee table decoration, and the weird pumpkin spice latte scented candles come out to play.

If you mom also has access to the internet and YouTube, she might have — like my own mom — sent you a quirky video to mark the Earth’s tidy right angle to the sun. Which is how this amazing dog ended up in my inbox today.

This is Stella. She’s a Very Good Dog. According to her Instagram, she’s a three year old yellow lab who “loves life” and gets a phone camera in her face fairly regularly. In between social media posts, she can be found embodying the purest definition of joy: Jumping headlong into giant piles of leaves to retrieve a ball. She dives in like the universe itself depends on it.

Someone put a camera on her collar and it’s like BEING the dog:

Gif via Giphy

We write frequently about Good Dogs here at The Fresh Toast. They’re super chill, they float on through this crazy life, and they know we’re talking about them. Stella is an excellent addition to our dog lineup. She is living her best life.

But does she actually enjoy the leaves, or is her owner just torturing her by tossing the ball into the pile over and over? Decide for yourself.

Watch all of her glorious romps, here:



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