Sunday, June 13, 2021
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WATCH: Woman Trapped In Car With Giant Spider

Australia, home of the nightmare-inducing huntsman spider, delivers another cringeworthy story featuring a man-sized arachnid.

This tale begins with a Coffs Harbour woman who driving home from work, minding her own business, when she noticed a giant freeloading spider hitching a ride above the driver’s side visor.

Bianca Merrick tells Storyful (yes, she lived to tell her story) the spider clung to her car until she got home,

“…I looked up and saw it staring at me,” she said. “I considered stopping but I didn’t know how I’d get it out of the car, so I thought the best option for me was to keep driving and pretend it wasn’t there for the longest 20 minutes of my life.

Any other human would probably open the car door and do a brisk full-speed roll out the driver’s side before dealing with an 8-legged monster, but Merrick did the next best thing. She filmed it with her phone so we could all be terrified.

“When I got home I slowly got out of the car, locked the door, went to sleep and pretended that it never happened. I checked the car next [day], armed with bug spray and a broom but there was no spider to be found.”

I hate to tell you this Merrick, but that spider is still in your car. If you hear the engine start by itself in the middle of the night followed by screeching tires , you know what’s up. That spider’s on its way to pick up its squad to go for a joy ride. That’s why it was staring at you. It was observing how to drive!


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