Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Watch The World’s Most Optimistic Sports Fan Pie Himself With Nachos

Come with us on a journey with an Everyman on the edge of greatness. He’s in line at PNC Park in Pittsburgh. He’s wearing a perfectly crisp white t-shirt. He pays too much money for a massive plate of stadium nachos. And then.

Today’s the day I catch a ball, he says to himself. He was almost correct. This would be the day he became Internet Famous for catching something else.

Pirates’ infielder Jung Ho Kang chips a foul ball, and Nacho Man sees his chance. His left hand shoots straight up, grasping ineffectually at the air as the ball soars way, way over his head. Meanwhile, his right hand puts the nachos straight into his own face.

In slow motion, the reactions of his fellow fans play out in Shakespearean tragedy: Forearms rise to block the debris, chins retreat into necks, little girls peer from behind rotund fathers to gawk at the poor schmuck. Our boy’s Miller Lite flies from its spot in the crook of his elbow like it’s diving to get out of the way, too. The hot cheese mixture cascades down his shirt.


He did it to himself, indeed.

“I had a beer and some nachos and was ready to take my seat. The next thing I know the ball was right above my head and I did whatever I could to try and bring it in,” he said a Fan Morning Show interview, Pittsburgh’s CBS local reports. For his valiant efforts, the Pirates awarded Nacho Man a clean shirt and an emoji thumbs-up on Twitter.

We’ve obtained footage of the man moments before the nachos hit the fan:



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