Wednesday, July 17, 2024

5 Reasons Donald Trump Is Our Fast-Foodiest President Ever

So long, Barack Obama, lover of fine foods. Hello, Donald Trump, a man who’s never met a spork he didn’t like.

Our new Commander in Chief has an admitted penchant for fast food that’s so strong, it makes you wonder if his next act as President is going to be building fly-throughs for Air Force One. What gives?

Last September, Trump told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show that he “trusts” fast-food because the companies (McDonald’s, Wendy’s, etc.) have a name to preserve, which means they’re less likely to fuck up your food. And also because “at least you know what you’re getting.” He also admitted that he likes the anonymity of grab-and-go. Totally understandable.

But lets be real, president or not, the guy would likely still have a love affair with white paper bags. And here’s proof.

1. He Loves McDonald’s


Specifically, the Fish Delight. Whatever that is. In a memorable food moment on last year’s campaign trail , Trump told Anderson Cooper that when he goes to McDonald’s he orders the Fish Delight. He then quickly changed the subject to cleanliness (“I’m a very clean person.” LOL what?) In The Prez’s defense, Fish Delight sounds ubiquitous enough. A generic “Fish Sandwich’ probably would have been better, but, you know, pick your battles and all that.

Also, he and Grimace became fast friends over their love of the dollar deal.

2. He Loves KFC


In the same interview with Anderson Cooper, Trump lovingly refers to KFC as “not the worst thing in the world.” Going back to that “I’m a very clean person” comment, it could be the reason he prefers to use a knife and fork to eat it. Just think of all the Wet Wipes he saves!

3. He’s Shilled For Pizza Hut



4. He Loves Hispanics Taco Bowls


5. He’s Shilled For Oreo


While not technically a fast food, it’s still junk food. And who doesn’t love to see the Manning brothers compete against each other in a “lick race?” Ironically, Trump has vowed to never eat another Mexico-produced Oreo again. Sorry, taco bowls.


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