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The Best Wines To Pair With Girl Scout Cookies

When the Girl Scout troop in Muskogee, Oklahoma sold a batch of home made cookies in 1917, they had no idea it would become of the best seller it is today. Since then, it has grown into a cookie juggernaut, selling over 200 million boxes annually, generating $800 million dollars. In addition to raising funds for troops, it is an education journey for the members as well. The process of running a “small business” helps train the scouts in goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethnics.

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It is hard to be just one box of cookies, so people wind up with a variety of flavors and tastes.  The good news is tasty treats are versatile and do well with work, relaxing, movie watching, post workout, at the office and in the car.  And with beverages, and here are the best wines to pair with Girl Scout cookies.

Photo by Terry Vlisidis via Unsplash

Thin Mints

Mint and chocolate is a delightful combo, and fortunately happens to pair wonderfully with Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile, which just so happens to also have both strong mint and chocolate notes. You can also experiment with other members of the Cabernet family, in particular Carmenere, if you want to broaden your horizons.


As a general rule of thumb, pair white wines with a lighter chocolate, such as white or milk chocolate, creating complimentary flavor profiles. Red wine pairs best with dark chocolate.

So we’re looking for a fruit-driven wine that maybe also packs a touch of residual sugar to help bring out the cacao.

Expand your mind and think Zinfandel, something from a warmer place like Lodi or Napa.


Shortbread is a natural pairing with sparkling wine, and in this case I’m looking at a Reserva-level Cava from Spain, something that spent a fair amount of time aging so that it’s really developed the rich notes of brioche and clotted cream that will make this under-loved cookie pop!


Well, this is a bit of a toughie, consider working with the coconut and caramel and let the chocolate take care of itself. A big, oaky Chardonnay, something with a hint of tropical fruit to compliment the coconut is the ticket.  And the butter and vanilla will work with the caramel. Napa Valley or Australia would be good places to start.


The combination of peanut butter and oatmeal makes for a bit of a complicated pairing, but in this case think a richer, more oxidative white wine is just perfect. Consider a Roussanne-Marsanne blend from France’s Rhone Valley, where you’ll get some of those same nutty flavors and a delightfully full body without.

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All Girl Scout Cookies

Champange goes with everything – especially the sweet treats of the cookies.  And it is also a perfect celebration to success of Girl Scouts!



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