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Doh: Illegal FedEx Weed Delivery Happens During Marijuana Drug Bust

Dustin Drank was arrested for possession and suspicion of drug trafficking. He was charged for possessing around 76 pounds of marijuana and $19,000 worth of drug proceeds that were located in two houses located in an upscale neighborhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Drank was well prepared for the police bust, having of body armor, guns, cash and a sophisticated surveillance system in the house as a way of not getting caught. The house has an estimated worth of 600,000 dollars.

The police arrived at the neighborhood and was conducting the bust when, out of nowhere, a FedEx truck tried to deliver several packages to one of these drug houses. FedEx people were surprised to discover that the packages they tried to deliver contained large amounts of marijuana.

“FedEx Ground does not tolerate the use of its network for illegal shipments. We are cooperating with authorities as they investigate this incident.”

Said a spokesman for FedEx. That’s unfortunate and also a very embarrassing. Dustin Drank was captured in the drug bust with a 30,000 dollar bond. If convicted, he faces many years behind bars.

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